Tanzania·June 7 - 15 2024

Climb Kilimanjaro via the 7 Day Machame Route

An adventure 'super classic' and one of the best things you can do in your lifetime



Kilimanjaro is a bucket list adventure and in our opinion, one of the best things you can do in your lifetime. One of the ‘Seven Summits,’ and the highest freestanding mountain on Earth, to stand at the summit of Uhuru Peak is to achieve something magical - an unforgettable moment in your life, it is an epic challenge to fill you with joy and inspiration. Climb the Machame Route with us this June; widely recognised as the best route on Kilimanjaro for its beautiful scenery, more interesting sections and topography which allows participants to "trek high, sleep low' aiding acclimatisation. With our super guiding team lead by James Bell and assisted by the renowned Tanzanian guide, John Bosco this will be an adventure epic to thrill and delight you. Join us by yourself, bring a friend, climb with a loved one or for a charity! Give us a call today to start planning your Tanzanian adventure.



An Epic Sunrise

An Epic Sunrise

Experience the best sunrise of your life from the roof of Africa.

Great Guiding Team

Great Guiding Team

With guiding from experienced expedition leader James Bell and John Bosco, our Tanzanian Head Guide every aspect of your safety and enjoyment will be covered.

Best Chef on Kilimanjaro

Best Chef on Kilimanjaro

Our Head Chef Steven produces some of the best food at altitude in the world.

Great Hotel in Moshi

Great Hotel in Moshi

Our base in Moshi is the Salinero Hotel - the ideal place to start and finish your trek.

Private Toilets and Portable Shower

Private Toilets and Portable Shower

Our Kilimanjaro expeditions come with 'max add ons' including private toilets and a portable shower for maximum comfort.

A Great Time to Climb

A Great Time to Climb

Post the Spring rains, June is considered one of the best months to attempt Kilimanjaro.

Safari Add Ons

Safari Add Ons

Stay on in Tanzania and see the Big 5 in Tarangire National Park.

Meet Your Team

John Bosco (TNZ) - Expedition Leader

John Bosco (TNZ) - Expedition Leader

Our Tanzanian Head Guide, John Bosco is a Kilimanjaro legend with over 200 summits and many coming via the technically difficult, not often climbed Western Breach route. 

John has an impressive record of getting people to the summit. The oldest client he has guided to the summit to date was 78 years old while the youngest was just 9! 

John has an impeccable safety record, undergoes regular First Aid training and is highly experienced at recognising and treating the symptoms of AMS.  

John will no doubt impress you with his kind and professional manner, attention to detail and skill on the mountain. 

Kennedy Lengutai (TNZ) - Expedition Guide

Kennedy Lengutai (TNZ) - Expedition Guide

Our Assistant Head Guide Kennedy is a superstar with more than two decades experience working on Kilimanjaro.

Starting as a porter, he has worked his way up to be our Head Assistant Guide after gaining his guiding qualification at Mweka Wildlife College.

Ten years later, Kennedy has over 100 summits under his belt and when not on the mountain is busy with coffee, bananas, and avocados at his his family farm in Arusha with his wife and two children.

Steven Bahati Mushi (TNZ) - Head Chef

Steven Bahati Mushi (TNZ) - Head Chef

A graduate of the Royal College of Tourism in Moshi, Steven is a super talented high-altitude chef with over 15 years experience of cooking on Kilimanjaro.

Whatever your dietary requirements, Steven will delight you with the amazing food he produces - even at the highest camps!

When not on expedition, Steven lives in Moshi with his wife and four children.

Mathew Jacky (TNZ) - Logistics Manager

Mathew Jacky (TNZ) - Logistics Manager

A graduate of Arusha's National College of Tourism, Arusha-born Mathew is one of the best expedition mangers in Tanzania. 

Mathew started working on Kilimanjaro as a teenager and has held every position from porter to lead guide with dozens of ascents of Kilimanjaro and hundreds of expeditions under his belt. 

Mathew is also a an expert in designing and managing the best safari options for guests, should they wish to extend their stay in Tanzania.

Oliver Browne (UK) - Expedition Manager

Oliver Browne (UK) - Expedition Manager

The founder of True Summit Adventures, Oliver is a certified Mountain Leader and experienced adventurer and alpinist. 

He has summited Kilimanjaro 6 times with his most recent summit being over New Year's Eve, 2023.

He says: "I think it is something everyone should do in their lifetime. It is a challenge going to 6000m, but it is a very special place. Everything from the unique scenery, to the people who work on its slopes, the whole experience is magic, a dream. It's my pleasure and my hope to share this dream with you."

As such, Oliver will be fully managing this climb from start to finish from his UK base.





At True Summit Adventures we choose the Machame route, widely considered to be the best, for its incredible views, more challenging sections, better topography for acclimatisation and lower likelihood of crowding.

The route also takes in the Lava Tower, 4600m and the awesome Baranco Wall - two big highlights of Kilimanjaro.

The Machame route begins on the southwest side of Kilimanjaro, it heads steeply north, crosses the Shira Plateau, and eventually meets the Shira and Lemosho routes at the Shira Camp. It ends with the hike to Mweka Gate.

The seven day ascent undoubtedly gives people the best chance of safely summiting Kilimanjaro. When talking to people about Kili and altitude sickness, summit success rates etc please note that we are doing the seven day ascent. It is when people attempt a 4, 5 or 6 day ascent that they encounter difficulties with AMS.


An unforgettable trek across the very roof of Africa.




7th June - Day 1: Arrival in Moshi, 900m

Welcome to Tanzania and to the adventure of a lifetime.

You will be met at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) by one of our team and driven to the team base in Moshi. For this expedition we use the excellent Sainero Hotel; one of the best hotels in the Moshi area.

Once you have settled in, please relax by the pool, take a massage at the spa or head into Moshi for a coffee at Union Cafe, before our all-important expedition briefing, gear check, and welcome dinner.

Here you will meet the Head Guide, our Logistics Manager and your all important team mates who will be making this epic journey with you.


8th June - Day 2: Depart on Trek. Reach Machame Camp, 2835m

After breakfast at the hotel we make the short journey to the Machame Gate to complete the park registrations and begin this adventure classic.

Here you will meet the support team for the climb. Typically we have 30 - 35 crew for a party of 10 guests and it is amazing to see them in one place - especially when they are in full song! (as happens often).

After completing park registrations we begin hiking through the dense rainforest where it is possible to see the black and white Colobus monkeys as we enjoy the gentle hike to today's destination, the Machame Camp at 2895m.

Here we settle into expedition life and enjoy some of the best food on the mountain thanks to Steven and his team.


9th June - Day 3: Trek to Shira Camp, 3750m

Expedition life starts early and at 6am one of the team will serve you tea or coffee in your tent before breakfast at 6.30am. If the weather is good then the team will sing some of the famous Kilimanjaro songs before we depart on the trek.

Emerging from the rainforest we get our first proper views of Kilimanjaro ahead of us and the mighty Meru in the distance behind us as we tackle some steeper sections on route to the Shira Plateau.

Tea, coffee and snacks are served on route, but we make the push to the Shira Camp in one and enjoy lunch al fresco if the weather is good. 

In the afternoon we can take the short walk to the ancient Shira Cave and head  little higher up the mountain for some additional acclimatisation.


10th June - Day 4: Trek to Baranco Camp, 3900m via the Lava Tower, 4600m

Today is an important day in our journey as we make the trek across the moorland to the imposing Lava Tower, 4600m and enjoy lunch at almost the height of Mont Blanc!

For many guests, the Lava Tower day is their first experience of serious altitude, but there is no need to be apprehensive as our guides will set a slow and steady pace to give everyone the best chance to acclimatise.

After lunch we then descend to the Baranco Camp, following the mountaineer's code of 'trek high, sleep low' where with remarkable speed and efficiency the team will already have assembled the camp and Steven's team will be preparing more excellent food!


11th June - Day 5: Trek to Karanga Camp, 3995m, via the Baranco Wall

Today is without a doubt one of the highlights of the entire trek as we scale the famous Baranco Wall, but fear not - it is not as daunting as it seems from the camp!

Expect some epic scrambling with some short sections where increased diligence and focus is required, but our team will be on hand to help you move safely through each segment and of course, take your photo at the 'Kissing Rock,' the most famous part of the wall.

Once at the top we stop for tea, coffee and snacks before heading down again on our way to the Karanga Camp at just below 4000m.


12th June - Day 6: Trek to Barafu Camp, 4870m. Prepare for Summit Bid

Today we make the short hike to Barafu Camp, our launchpad for the summit.

Unseen by expedition members, one of our team would have sprinted to the camp in the morning to give us the best possible position in the camp from which to start our summit push.

At this point the landscape is desolate with little or no vegetation remaining at this altitude. Once at the camp we spend the afternoon resting and preparing for the big night ahead - be sure to eat a lot as the summit night is long and arduous!

Dinner is served earlier than usual - around 6pm. After a final briefing we head to our tents to get a few hours rest before breakfast is served around 11am.


13th June - Day 7: Summit Mount Kilimanjaro, 5895m and Descend to Millennium Camp, 3950m

The day we have all been waiting for!

As people around the world are sleeping in their beds, you will become the hero in this story as you don your summit gear and prepare to launch yourself to the summit of Kilimanjaro on a night you will never forget.

Beginning at midnight we leave the Barafu Camp behind and with our head torches illuminating the way, the guides softly singing into the night and stars shining overhead we make our way up the rocky scree path towards Stella Point.

All being well, we will reach the crater rim by dawnand enjoy an epic sunrise - probably the best of your life, at Stella Point.

A further hour's trekking brings us to the summit of Uhuru Peak (5895m) where we gather as a team to celebrate and take the obligatory summit photos! We do not leave until everyone has the photo they want!

We then return to the Barafu Camp via Stella Point to enjoy a well-deserved breakfast and rest. After which we make our way down to Millennium Camp. Here the celebrations, story swapping and photo sharing begin in earnest. 


14th June - Day 8: Trek to Mweka Gate, 1640m and Return to Salinero Hotel

Waking up at Millenium Camp knowing you are a Kilimanjaro sumitter is an awesome feeling! 

There is a celebratory mood in camp, fatigue is vanishing and after breakfast the team will thrill you with a final rendition of the Kilimanjaro songs as Uhuru Peak stands proudly in the background.

We then have a 5 to 6 hour trek down through the rainforest to the Mweka Gate where we take more photos, complete the Park formalities and enjoy a hot lunch before saying goodbye to the team and thanking them for their incredible efforts.

We then return to the Salinero Hotel in Moshi where you can enjoy hot showers, massages and pool time. In the evening we will meet as a team for the final time to celebrate our great achievement of climbing Kilimanjaro and your Head Guide will present  the summit certificates.


15th June - Day 9: Departure Day, to the Airport, Beach or Safari

Sadly, all things must end and it is time to say our goodbyes. 

We hope you enjoyed your time in Tanzania and your ascent of Kilimanjaro will live long in the memory!

Team members will be on hand to take you to the airport, or stay on in Tanzania and let us plan a safari for you to one of the nearby national parks where you will have a great chance to see the 'Big 5!'.

Where you'll be staying

Pre and Post Climb – Salinero Hotel, Moshi

Pre and Post Climb – Salinero Hotel, Moshi

Our team base before and after the climb is the Salinero Hotel, one of the best hotels in the Moshi area. All its rooms are air conditioned and en-suite. Amenities include a spa, pool, and excellent restaurant.

On the Mountain – Four Season Tents

On the Mountain – Four Season Tents

We use Mountain Hardwear four season tents and four season sleeping bags on the mountain. All meals are served in a communal 'mess tent.'  A portable shower and portable toilets are also available for your comfort.

What's Included

What's Included

Airport transfers

Pre and post climb accommodation at Lindren Lodge

Welcome and farewell dinners

Tanzanian Head Guide and Assistant Guides

Kilimanjaro National Park fees, camping fees and rescue fees

One porter per guest for main bag (max weight 20kg)

Transportation to and from mountain gate

4-season mountain tents

Sleeping mattress

Sleeping bags (-15ºC limit)

3 meals a day on the mountain

Filtered and treated water throughout

Portable shower

Supplemental oxygen if required, plus oximeter

Portable flush toilets

Fair wages for the mountain crew

Dedicated logistics manager

Celebration drinks and snacks at Mweka Gate

Full support in Moshi if your climb ends early

Satellite phone

Daily health check


Tanzanian entry visa

Lunch on arrival / departure day

Alcoholic drinks

Travel insurance for trekking up to 6000m

Tip to the high mountain crew (at least $250 pp)

Add Ons

2 Day, 1 Night Easter Safari - Single Occupancy

2 Day, 1 Night Easter Safari - Single Occupancy

Stay on after the climb and enjoy a 2 day safari (or more) in Tarangire National Park


2 Day, 1 Night Easter Safari - Shared Occupancy

2 Day, 1 Night Easter Safari - Shared Occupancy

Stay on after the climb and enjoy a 2 day safari (or more) in Tarangire National Park



Absolutely. Extra nights at the Salinero Hotel l are c. US $100.

If arriving earl then we recommend a visit to the Materuni Waterfall.

Like any mountain, the weather can be unpredictable. It gets significantly colder at night, and as altitude increases. Temperatures at the summit are typically -3 to -8 degrees Celsius.

You need to be fit enough to hike uphill for up to eight hours a day over several consecutive days. A good benchmark is if you can walk 21km. If you feel like you could do this again the next day, you are probably fit enough. See our training plan for more information.

Very good - lots of energy rich dishes like rice, pasta, and potatoes are served with meat and vegetables. Usually with fruit to finish. At breakfast expect porridge, toast, pancakes and eggs.

Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are also available.

Most people consider Kilimanjaro to be the harder trek due to the long summit night and camping which you do not get on the EBC trek.

Trip Tips

Train Hard

Train Hard

For your best chance of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro come in peak condition - see our training plan for more info.

Prepare for the Weather

Prepare for the Weather

Avoid being surprised by the interchangeable conditions on Kilimanjaro by adhering to the kit list.

Bring US Dollars

Bring US Dollars

US dollars are required for paying for the visa on arrival and tipping the high mountain crew.


I think of Kilimanjaro every day. It impacted my son Sterling and I greatly - there is just something so intangible about this life changing experience. Doing it with someone you love, especially a son or daughter, created life long memories. I have to congratulate you on your unwavering level of leadership and organization, often under very difficult circumstances. The group of people you put together participating, also a vital part, were fun and I have no doubt we will have a bond for ever. You put an exceptional group of guides together led by Michael and team and the spiritual impact they further have on you is extraordinary. True Summit Adventures has a great future and we so look forward to our next adventure in 2023. See you soon and thank you for touching Sterling's and my life in the best way possible. Nothing is more powerful than an experience of this note.

James M, Hotelier

True Summit Adventures is the place to go for the most transformative expeditions. Oliver is so knowledgeable on mountaineering and I felt safe and cared for the entire trip despite never having climbed before. I booked the Kilimanjaro Machame route and was always so well looked after, each day after a beautiful trek with breathtaking views they had the most delicious meals prepared, tea and snacks. The whole team at True Summit Adventures went above and beyond to look after us and it’s this attention to detail why I’ll only ever book future expeditions through them.

Sophie M, Events Organiser

Climbing Kilimanjaro was much tougher than I ever imagined and took me to my limits. However, despite Biblical rain storms and suffering a brief black-out 10 metres from the end, I made it and summited. Amazing experience, and one I’d highly recommend anyone to try. Most crucial in your attempt (and more importantly in your experience) is the quality of your guides, and Oliver and his True Summit team are the best. I felt safe and well looked after at all times, and the experience was made for me by the True Summit team and the great group of people that embarked upon the challenge with me. Highly recommended expedition, and if you’re going to give Kilimanjaro a go, be sure to do it with True Summit Adventures.

Glen A, Managing Partner, Law

Oliver is a great guide and has his heart in making everything work. My company has used True Summit for several excursions, and I joined the Kilimanjaro climb with my son which was not only epic but meticulously organised.

Paul O, Principal, Private Equity

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and it was done with a great team of peers, who became friends.

Lorenzo Z, Student

Great team and service. Great team, service and attention to detail. Oliver is like a hawk, always on top of things. Highly recommended. We just loved Kilimanjaro with True Summit - lifetime experience.

Michael S, Travel Founder

Life changing trip to Kilimanjaro! Every part of the trip was amazing and very well organised - will be going on trips with this company for many years !! Thank you for such a life changing trip!

Toufic Y, ForEx

Unforgettable trip on the Kilimajaro! We made the trip with Oliver to the top of the Kilimanjaro. Absolute breathtaking and very special experience and adventure. Also very challenging and I was close to give up. But Oliver, the team and our group supported me very well, thus I finally made it. Very proud! And unforgettable! I highly recommend Oliver and the strong team for this kind of adventure. He is very much experienced and professional. With him and the team you can make it and you will enjoy it!

Mario, B, Director

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