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"Blessed are those who live out their dreams."

Jared Leto

About Us

We organise and lead upscale mountain adventures around the world, seeking out the best opportunities for our clients to have epic, transformative experiences, crafting unparalleled journeys in wild and beautiful places.

We employ only the best local and international talent to plan, arrange and lead our life-affirming expeditions.

All our adventures are handcrafted, highly-curated, professionally-led and have excellence as standard.

We explore the spirit of journeying, teamwork, and endurance, as well as the opportunities and lessons therein.

The adventures we run are a collection of our most treasured experiences, realised dreams and the challenges which motivated us onwards and upwards.

Awaken your spirit to adventure.

The True Summit Way

Personal service:
our expedition concierge service ensures every aspect of your trip is taken care of for that customized feel.
In house guides:
our expeditions are led by hand-picked staff who are masters in guiding, hosting, and leading expeditions.
Meticulous planning:
all our expeditions are extensively planned, tested, and reviewed so you can be confident they'll be out of this world.
Excellence as standard:
whether it's the food, the accommodation, or even the singing (on Kilimanjaro), we're trying to do it better than it's ever been done before.
Commitment to our destinations:
we're giving back in the places we adventure and encourage our guests to visit the charitable projects we support..

A note from our CEO

Our Mission

"I created this business because I am passionate about exploring, I love adventures and I wanted to share these incredible experiences I was having with other people.

Adventures are powerful: the different cultures, the wild places, the natural beauty, the challenge, the camaraderie, the excitement and the joy.

For me, they are spiritual in intensity. I love the feeling that in striving to achieve something new, somewhere different and regardless of the outcome, you were changed for the better.

We want you to experience the biggest challenges in the most beautiful environments in the world, safely, with an incredible team, in the best style to give you a truly unforgettable, life-changing experience."

Oliver Browne

Founder & CEO, Alpinist and Adventurer

Our Story

The ‘true summit’ is an oft-held debate in mountaineering, most famously perhaps, in the case of Manaslu, the eighth-highest mountain in the world. 

People had long climbed to the commercial or fore-summit, but not the true summit, only a meter or so higher than the commercial summit, but accessed along a narrow ridge.

But the ‘true summit’ is more than just a question of what constitutes reaching the top of a great mountain. 

The ‘true summit’ is not just the top, it is your best effort and your best self; a profound experience and feeling.

Let's go up.

Trip Reviews

Check out our testimonials

Top notch; First class; Unparalleled; Exceptional - Choose your superlative and True Summit Adventures meets and exceeds it!  My sons and I recently returned from another trip with them, this one trekking and mountaineering in the high Himalayas.  Oliver and his team are not only world-class expedition leaders, they are superb and charming hosts who provide a level of personalized service and attentiveness rarely found in such operations. They really make an effort to ensure the team bonds, and usually lifelong friends are the result. TSA turns a memorable trip into the trip of a lifetime. I cannot recommend TSA enough!

George K

Oliver is a great guide and has his heart in making everything work. My company has used True Summit for several excursions, and I joined the Kilimanjaro climb with my son which was not only epic but meticulously organised.

Paul O

Oliver organised the most awesome expedition. Not only a great guide he is also a master in logistics. Everything worked like a Swiss watch.

Farzin P

I have to give a shoutout to Ollie, the owner of True Summit Adventures, who joined us on the trip. He was an incredible guide, knowledgeable, personable, and made sure that every aspect of the trip was exceptional. His enthusiasm and passion for the outdoors was contagious, and he went above and beyond to ensure that everyone had a great time. Overall, I can't recommend True Summit Adventures enough.

Wayne MK

True Summit Adventures is the place to go for the most transformative expeditions. Oliver is so knowledgeable on mountaineering and I felt safe and cared for the entire trip despite never having climbed before.

Sophie M

Every part of the trip was amazing and very well organised. Thank you for such a life changing trip!

Toufic Y

Travelled with True Summit to Kilimanjaro and Everest; what an incredible experience. Would recommend to any adventurer. 

Sterling M

Absolutely great experience. True individual approach from Oliver and his team. Will join again for sure 👌👍

Dmitry S

100% highly recommend. I have done two treks with Ollie (and have two more scheduled!).  In June, 5 friends and I tackled Kilimanjaro with him and we all summited.   The reason I keep going with Ollie is that he has made these trips fantastic.  We don't have to worry about anything -- he takes care of everything 100% -- all I have to do is be in half-decent shape and show up.  I trust not just that everything will be very well organized, but that we will be safe -- both in terms of being on a mountain adventure but also in terms of being in a foreign country doing so.  The teams that Ollie has produced to support our treks has been outstanding, and Ollie really just managed everything.    I would give Ollie 10 stars if I could.  As a 53 year-old guy who got to mountaineering late in life, I can't recommend Ollie highly enough -- he just makes everything easy and great.

Neal G

Ollie has led several personal expeditions for me including the Dolomites and Kilimanjaro, and more recently a corporate team building activity in Scotland. The bespoke trips that True Summit Adventures offer are ideal for my friends and I who have intensely busy schedules and are located all over the world. Ollie navigates around the availability, geographical and varying fitness level hurdles with patience and still manages to provide an all-encompassing, breath taking itinerary of hiking and fun activities along the way. The trips have provided memories for a lifetime, thank you Ollie. I look forward to Everest Base Camp next year!

Dmitry T